Tvisha Desai is currently pursuing her career in commerce field along with her passion for writing and reading. She is ambitious by blood. She is contributing poet of Un-whispered Wish.

Amit- Hello Tvisha, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?

Tvisha- Hey there, Tvisha here. I am a young teen with many dreams and writing is one of it. I am currently in the first year of B.Com. I have many plans ahead of it too. I am a passionate person by nature. Writing has been a blessing to me in disguise. I never realized I could go in this area and open up my deepest parts of the soul. When I started observing nature minutely and jotted each detail about it. That’s when I started to write, and it came here. 

 Amit-   Tell us something about your academics and what you want to be?

Tvisha- I am a student currently as I said before I study in the first year. Being author is a part of my journey to somewhere. Haha next is unknown. Let’s see where my feet ends up walking. It’s Indefinite right now, but for sure I will reach some better place. 

Amit-  Who is behind the success of yours?

Tvisha- Success definitely is learned from people, mentors, nature, self, and experiences. For my success, I will first of all mention my school sir who motivated me to be here and always poured the ultimate faith in me and my work. He was there when I needed someone to tell me what should I do. Secondly, I owe my success to my family who never discouraged me from moving ahead, and tries new ways of life. And a friend of mine who is close to heart has always been there through thick and thin! Even people who were jealous of me helped me in a way they were unknown of. Thanks to each and everyone.

Amit- Tell something about the book and your poem?

Tvisha- Unwhispered Wish is such a book where every author has left a piece of them in their respective stories and poems and opened up about wishes, wants, and thoughts. I am part of this book, and I am presenting a poem named ‘Mother it’s my Last Wish.’ It’s a poem about a baby girl who is yet unborn and is in the womb. But she realizes the cruel truth of the world and thus she wants her mother to know that she wants to live in this world and bring a change. 

Amit- Tell me something about your characters/lead characters of your story.

Tvisha- My poem has the lead character as a baby girl who is yet in the womb. But she realizes the bitter truth of her future existence, so she decides to let her mother know that she wants to be part of this world and hope to bring a change. 

Amit-  What are your expectations from the book?

Tvisha- The book has this varied stories and poems from various people who has given their all in it. So obviously I expect a lot from this book as it definitely will touch dark corners of people’s heart and bring a change in lives. I hope readers understand the mutual feeling of us authors and pass on the love. 

Amit- What did you expect from the literary word?
Tvisha- the Literary world is like a maze. You don’t know where and what one will come across. So I expect every reader and even writer to exclusively share their uniqueness and inspire everyone to be someone better. 

Amit-  How is your experience with publishers?

Tvisha- Ink lovers have been really nice and cooperative about every minute detail. It has been a pleasure to work with them and be known for my work. They have been particular about everything. 

Amit- Your favorite book and author?

Tvisha- My favorite book is ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ by Aron Ralston. It’s an auto-biography. It’s very inspirational and life changing. Everyone should read it to learn from hard times and come out of it. I don’t have any particular author. 

Amit-  Is there a message in your poem? 

Tvisha- The poem has a very strong message for Indian society who doesn’t support female as their children. The poem itself speaks for people who are a male chauvinist and makes a country make dominant. Believing in women is necessary. 

Amit-  Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?

Tvisha- Yes definitely. I have tried my hand on romance. Now I would really like to try other genres possible. It would be fun to try and learn it. 

Amit-  You seems to be so mature, talented and passionate about your work. From where you get so much passion, energy, eager to work and work. Share with us.

Tvisha- Determination and passion are such a mixture which makes me all together work harder and be eager for more of it. Motivation is how you came up till here. So it has always been my ups and lows that kept me going through all. Learning and adapting is the biggest element that helps. 

Amit-  And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?

Tvisha- I don’t have such plans as such, but yes I would love to have a whole book authored by me soon in future which helps to bring about a change in people’s lives. Further, I would love to work in more and more anthologies. That’s my plan! Thank you!