Tushti Bhatia, a freelancer and a reviewer, mostly known for her venture ‘AUTHOR PARADISE’, was born in Lucknow and has spent a major time of her life in the city of Nawabs. Writing being her passion she started writing at the age of 7. Her hobbies are listening music and she loves spending alone time. Currently she is based in Jaipur and soon coming up with her debut novel.

Let’s catch our chit chat:

Hi, Girl behind Author paradise, how can you explain yourself?

Well, you can call me a dreamer, a very normal person just like you but what makes me different from all others are my dreams. Born and bought up in Chandigarh, have completed my schooling from 5 different states and currently doing CA, and parallel running author paradise too.

From my school days itself I have been a very active student. From Dramas to street plays, from being an orator, painter, singer, reviewer, writer, and the owner of author paradise, this journey has been memorable [Haha, I m a self-obsessed person *winks*]

“Author Paradise” what exactly it is?

Looking at the current scenario of publishing industry, we decided to give this industry a name on which authors can trust. Author paradise is a solution to every query of yours regarding publishing of masterpiece. Currently we are dealing with the publicity of the books, We provide different customized packages [which are made according to the needs of writers] and the best part is more than 100 people are working as a team, and we make sure that author’s get what they wish for and unlike all big vanity publishing and promotional houses we do not take higher amounts .we use a different kind of approach to make the title stand out of the crowd and reach the respective readers. The simple agenda behind author paradise is we are working for the betterment of author and shall always do till the time author paradise will survive and soon we will be exploring other branches of publishing as well.

What is the idea behind “Author Paradise?”

Just a simple idea, to help all those authors [who become extinct species because of some money-minded publishers] and provide them what they actually crave for.

What is future goal of this firm?

As I earlier said, we are here to help authors, so that their books can reach their respective readers

How do you manage so many books to review within 24 hours?

Reading has always been my passion and it doesn’t hurts to follow your passion blindly. And where reviewing is concerned, it helps author in understanding their loopholes and it is the duty of a reviewer to correct authors’ mistake.

Who are your favorite Authors?

I have always admired Sandeep Sharma from the time I have read his masterpiece”Hey dad meet my mom” [Now co-author & business partner, and my favourite author too]. John green, Nicholas sparks are amongst my favourite too. Now a days I don’t get much time to read my personal books [as I am on a promotion spree, so I usually read newbies books].

What is your suggestion to reviewers?

Make sure you review honestly with ought being biased, it only won’t help you but would help the writers also. An honest reviewer is known by everyone [so make sure you be one]. That’s it.

Thanks a lot Tushti. 

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