By Ayush Sinha


The relativistic theory says that there is no concept of any empty space. There is no discontinuity anywhere in this Universe, and there are quite a few things we can not even sense. So say the Upanishads, ” As through the knowledge of one lump of clay all that is of clay is known, so, there must be something by knowing which this whole universe itself will be known”. According to our advaitic philosophy, the whole universe is the manifestation of matter particles such as quarks and electrons, but there is some simpler form, which they call “Akasha”, and out of which have evolved our matter particles such as fermions. And there is a force which acts on this Akasha and manufactures the whole universe out of it, and they call that force “Prana”, which is known as a force particle to us. According to the standard model of our quantum physics, the particles are mainly divided into two types, the force particles such as photons, bosons, gravitons and gluons and the matter particles such as quarks and electrons(fermions). But there is a newly discovered finer substance which is known by the name of “God particle” to us, and which is known to our physicists as “Higgs bosons”.

       There must be some connection between these force particles and matter particles, for our quantum physics and the famous mass energy equation give us the proof. Do you not think that if mass is getting converted into energy, inspite of the fact that the particles obey the law of conservation of mass and the law of conservation of energy simultaneously in a nuclear reactor, there must be some equilibrium? There must be some inter-connection between the force and matter particles.

d→ u+ē+ v

 This equation signifies that there must be some commonality between a matter particle and a force particle.
Here, a down quark changes into an up quark, emitting an electron and an antineutrino.
            Now, without mystifying and going much deeper into the concept, I would diectly come to the point. Could there be anything which is neither a force particle nor a matter particle? The answer is positive here. There is indeed something which is neither a force particle nor a matter particle, but out of which have evolved these two. If we go deeper and deeper into the intricacies of our quantum physics, we may find that there is something so fine that out of which have evolved the force and matter particles. But, so far, our quantum physics has not got that developed.

            That thing has no form, and  because that has no form, that is independent of space, time and causation, and something that is indestructible. That is what our soul is made of. The advaitists say that there is a soul within each one of us, but there is a soul within non- living things and animals as well, no matter whether it is an ant or a wall. So, if you believe that there is nothing in this world which has no soul, it signifies that there is some continuity. The day we lose our forms, i.e., the day things around us and we ourselves are neither matter nor force but something much finer than them, there will not be any way through which we will be able to differentiate anything in this universe, and we will become the Universe ourselves. It is like waves in an ocean that have forms, but when they lose their forms, i.e., when they subside, they again become the ocean. The soul is everywhere, it is omnipresent, and it means that there must be a universal soul. Like there could be quite a few waves in an ocean, although the waves are part of that ocean, there are different and different souls that are part of that universal soul, which is called God. Yes, all souls are part of that universal soul.