Susmit Sarkar is an Electrical Engineer from Kolkata, India. Apart from writing that he is a lyricist and composes a variety of songs in English, Hindi and Bengali. He resides at Durgapur, a city you can easily pinpoint on the map of West Bengal, India.

Amit- Hello Susmit Sarkar, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?
Susmit- Hello, my name is Susmit Sarkar.

By qualification I am an Electrical Engineer, by profession an Assistant System Engineer and by passion an Author. I hail from Durgapur, a city you can easily pinpoint on the map of West Bengal, India. I started writing when I was in second year college. That was first time when I penned down my first novel, The Coalfield Express. And after that the journey went on. Till now I have been a part of six anthologies, Un-Whispered Wish being my seventh one.

Amit-  An Engineer & A writer What is next?
Susmit- To speak the truth, I have never tried to predict the future. But yes, apart from writing, the feathers of my passion have also flown across the city of music. To simply it, I am a lyricist and compose music in various genres. So yes, maybe I’ll try to put them into melodious tracks and present them to the world.

Amit-  Tell something about the book and your story/poem?
Susmit- Un-Whispered Wish is a different anthology. It’s not any other book that talks about the fantasies of Romance or the death traps of Crimes. It’s a book that carries you to the world of last wishes. A person’s last wish is always a special one and that’s exactly what makes this book special. My story Inspired By The Tunes delves into the world of music. How one last wish can change the destiny of a person is what the story all about.
Amit-    Tell me something about your characters/lead characters of your story.
Susmit- Speaking of the main character, its Aryan, a first-year college student, who strives to become the glow of the central stage. Hurdles have always been there in his path. But it’s his zeal to achieve his goal that helps him glide through. Strumming through those six strings of his guitar, his musical lyrics strives to achieve that one last wish. But whether he will be able to do it or not, to know that you’ll have to turn the pages of Un-Whispered Wish.
Amit-    What are your expectations from the book?
Susmit- Just that it’ll reach out and inspire those people who have almost given up their last wish. Hope the book rekindles the fire of hope back in their hearts.
Amit-     Your favorite book and author?
Susmit- For me, it can be none other than Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It is an International Bestseller for a reason, a reason you’ll know only after reading through its pages. If you ask me who is your role model, I’ll take his name. If you ask me who is my idol, I’ll take his name. His words, his plot formation and his surprises will never fail to take you by awe.
7.       Is there a message in your story?
Susmit- Yes indeed. It’s a story of inspiration, a story that will inspire you to take up all the hurdles of your path by its horn and continue to push yourself till the point you have achieve your goal. Life will go on as it should but its your fight against the odds that’ll create history.
Amit-   Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?
Susmit- That’s the beauty of being a versatile anthology writer. You can delve into any genre you like. Till now I have touched almost all the genres though my anthologies. Only time will tell if I’ll take up any other than the genre of thriller for writing my upcoming novels.

Amit-  You seem to be so mature, talented and passionate about your work. From where you get so much passion, energy, eager to work and work. Share with us.
Susmit- From my readers, from my parents and most importantly from the great Almighty. With great power comes great responsibility. And if God has gifted me the pen, then the responsibility of using it wisely lies with me. Be it the darkest corner of the world or the brightest sunshine of heaven, I always try my best to make them visualize to my reader with my words.
Amit-  And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?
Susmit- Right now, I am caught up with the tantrums of the Corporate World. Finding time is really tough these days. But still I am drafting the sequel of my first book The Coalfield Express by stealing some time from here and there. It will again be a thriller, a mystery worth visualizing through words.

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