Now-a-days the crimes against women’s are increasing. Their number is decreasing day-by-day. In the past we use to treat the women’s as devi, but what happen today. Why we are betting them for dowry?  In past, if the female baby was born in a family. We use to say that goddess of money had came to our house, but what happened today, why we are killing them in their mother womb? Today we forgot the greatness of women. Today we forgot their scarification.  Today we forgot the important role women in our life.

How can we kill a mother, daughter, sister? Don’t we feel bad by killing them? The mother who scarified her life for us, who slept with empty stomach feeding her food to us, how can we forget that – when the world was against us, she was with us. When we fall down the first word from our mouth comes – MOM. How can we forget her? How can us beer crimes against her.

A female baby who is about come in this beautiful world, we kill them in their mother stomach, because she is A GIRL. if your mother-mom have killed your mom in her stomach, then would you have came to this world? Would you get such a good mother? Don’t forget that your mother is A GIRL, your life partner who helps and stand with you as your shadow is A GIRL. Your sister who helped you when you were in trouble was A GIRL.