Six Ways to blow away all your loneliness   

By Ayush Sinha


Well, there could be many reasons behind your loneliness. There could be any reason behind your loneliness but you are surely going to get the thing you have come for. We believe in calling a spade a spade. Today most of us are having the very same feeling in our hearts. But believe us, it is just because this feeling has a taken a lion’s share in your heart. Just give it up and then see the miracles happening in your life. Just keep your faith alive. You will always have to work for getting to the treasure house of happiness, fame, motivations and a lot more.


Make your own world of visualization:  Which era are you living in?
What do you not have? Your life may have become a big tragedy for you, you may not have a single person by you, you may not have even a single soul who may understand you, but still you have everything in your life. It’s just that you might not see. Yes, it’s just in your mind that you are alone. Believe us, that isn’t so. You should always keep a thing in your mind that our conditions are merely some of the outcomes of our own thoughts.  

    1.  It can be explained simply. Whatever you think is likely to get converted into its physical equivalence. Make your own world of visualization. A world in which you are never alone, where you can do whatever you want to do and a world where you can happily live with the person you always wanted to live. Most of the times our thoughts come true, believe us and there is no harm in trying.

     2.  Listen to some of your favorite songs: Music play a great a role in making our mood. It plays a great role in controlling our thoughts too. Whenever you feel sad, you choose to listen to some sad songs but whenever you feel happy; you love to listen to some of your favorite songs, a song of your own choice. We prefer you to listen to some hip hop, rap or some rock music, which always please your heart. It beautifies our soul. And might be enough at that particular time to make you think better about you and your life.

      3.  Ally yourself with some good people: There can be many people around you. Some of them may have discouraged on the other hand some were always with you. Ally yourself with those who make you feel happy. Your life isn’t all about your literacy, degrees or fluent English but something more than that. Some good people are always needed in your life.  But you should always be cautious of one thing. You always meet many people throughout the whole day and talk too. But it might be wrong to start thinking about them in the evening when you come at your home. It can surely cause irritations and might not be peaceful for you too. It has been noticed most of the time that over thinking causes depression. If you start thinking of quite a few things at one time then can get tensed. It doesn’t matter what others think about you rather your life is going to become better just because of your own perception and whatever you think about yourself. So this is always going to be better if you think a bit less and give most of your time to you only.

4. You should be genuinely interested in others: Life isn’t what it seems to be. A great man had once said ‘’ Unselfish sympathy is rarity in this world’’ and it’s true. Nowadays people seek their own interests, they don’t have to do anything with your emotions. You aren’t going to get the things you want from others without giving the things they want on your part. They are surely going to come to you but you will have to do a few things for that.  Start getting genuinely interested, go and make the first move and break the ice. 

    5.  A positive belief: Believe in yourself and it will surely lift you up forever. Start affirming that you are surely going to get the thing you have been dreaming for. Just wait for the right moment to come because your life has kept many gifts for you. You might always feel lonely at each and every step but the truth might always remain that you were never alone. Just forget everything and forgive everyone and believe that some of the best days of your life have not happened yet. Now wake up, start dreaming and work on this. 

     6. That omnipotent power is always with you: It doesn’t matter whether you are an atheist or something else, if something matters then it’s your own truthiness. This is all about how true and pure you are. Your heart should be full of purity and truthiness. Your day couldn’t go in vain if your intentions were good and your heart was pure. An omnipotent power is always with you wherever you go. Be honest with yourself and you will no longer be able to feel anything bad about your life. 

 A few words to our readers- Dear readers, our life isn’t what it seems to be. Nothing can be as beautiful as our life. This is such a beautiful thing that you can’t even imagine. What doesn’t it have for you! Just wait for the right moment and you are surely going to fathom its beauty. 
 Keep enjoying your life and the whole team of “Fragrance of writing” wish the best for you!