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Girls Hostel –Unspoken Memories

“Girls Hostel –Unspoken Memories” title and cover is attractive. If you hold the book and turn few pages you might feel interesting in complete the masterpiece first.

This book is for all those who think that Girls can’t involve in Drinking, smoking, watching adult videos during lectures, even in relation with charming professors and much more than boys.
Hostel is the place where new relationship bonds, few everlasting, few for moments. But Story behind Girls and Boys hostel is totally different. 
Shreya, Shruti, Ridhi, Kriti and Meghna the perfect bond of friendship, but still there was something secrets that revels on the last day of college life.
  Deepanshu & Vinita has done beautifully description of hostel, there freedom, there life and live. The way he chosen to share secrets was pretty good. Authors make you live in the hostel while reading.
Bold girl, my choice, my favourite character is one who leads the game that came up with beautiful book. 
Last but not least, Meghna, the photography girl make a dark impact on everyone’s heart.
For girls, if you are going to be part of Girl’s hostel, you must read once and enjoy the freaking side of your live too.
Boys, you might not miss the chance to know more about girls when it is closer than you expect!

Rating: 3.5/5