Now-a-days many of the brilliant student’s are loosing their seats in good college’s, because of the reservation caste system. I can’t understand “why the government made the reservation based on caste, instead of having reservation based on BPL cards. The reservation is made to develop the backward people, TO bring change in them, To provide free education to them.

   The present condition of caste reservation has became too worst. Now, the students want to band the reservation system, because their are loosing their seat in good colleges by this caste base reservation.

   Before years the conditions of the low caste people, they were poor and their were uneducated, the high caste people always treated them as a servant. So, the government made this rule, to bring change in the low caste people. Now, the low caste people are very developed an very well educated. The main point is many of them are rich and their is no need to give scholarship to them.

    According to my view, the reservation should be based on BPL cards. BPL cards means the people who are poor and below 2’Lakh’s income. For them the reservation and scholarship should be provided. They need scholarship because their can’t afford the fee to the college’s which are having huge fee. Reservation on BPL cards should be made, because the people who are having their income below 2’Lakh’s, they can’t send their children to good schools because of their finical problem.

     Now-a-days, how the reservation system is playing with student’s life’s. Let’s have a small example…
A boy names as SUNIL. He is very poor and he belongs to high caste. Other boy named as SUDEEP. He is rich, but he belongs to low caste. SUNIL completed his 10th&12th in government school & college, where as SUDEEP completed his 10&12th in good reputed college and school. Both their wrote B.TECH entrance exam. SUNIL got 45,000 rank and SUDEEP got 70,000. SUNIL got good rank compare to SUDEEP because SUNIL was very hard working and he was brilliant student, but he didn’t got the facilities as like SUDEEP, if SUNIL had studied in the college where SUDEEP was, then sunil use to get below 15,000 rank. In counselling sudeep got good college because he belongs to low caste and sunil got normal college.

    This is the present condition of our society. We have to stop it because of this reser
vation caste system many of the brilliants like sunil are loosing their seats in good college’s and the student’s like sudeep  are getting good college’s, but not hardworking as like sunil like students.

  By seeing this type of the system, we the students are feeling too bad. Their is an appeal to the government  from all the students that “RESERVATION SYSTEM SHOULD BE BASED ON BPL CARD, BUT NOT ON CASTE SYSTEM”.

                                                                                                   – By PRATHIBA