What is religion?
It is alike mother to a child, which teaches us how to talk with people, how to live a life, what is good and bad!
In simple RELIGION is nothing but our culture and tradition.
                    Many of them educated person’s are having religion feeling. We have to remove that feeling from our mind. If you feeling proud to be belong from a particular caste then you too be suppose to equal to animals, because animals don’t have thinking capacity, but we have it. No religion’s says that what is good or bad. We the people make religion’s difference.
  According to me religion’s is like the branches of the tree.
FOR Example  SEED is like a GOD,
                       Branch —- Religion’s,
              Small Branches —- Caste or Sub-caste,
                           Leaves —- human begins.
    Without branches the tree’s looks like incomplete, like wise without religion’s our life be too amazing.
Now present condition of us is that, we are sacrificing our happiness for religion, which is wrong. Our ancestor’s made religion’s for our happiness, but not to sacrifice our happiness for it.