Vandana is a freelance writer/ blogger and a poet by heart. Working as a lecturer in a premier fashion designing Institute in Gurgaon, she loves to scribble, possibly each beautiful moment that passes touching her heart, either in the form of poetry or artworks. 

 Let’s have chit-chat with her.

Amit- Hello Vandana, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?

Vandana- Hi Amit, I am a teacher and freelance writer by profession and writing, painting and enjoying and admiring nature are my passions. I have been writing since my school days. I used to write regularly for my school and college magazines.Then started writing for newspapers and magazines.  For past few years, I have been writing blogs and educational/commercial content for the websites and print media as a freelancer.

Amit- Tell us something about your academics and career?

Vandana- Since my papa was in a transferable government job, I could get a chance to complete my education from many schools and colleges in different parts of India. I did my schooling from different schools in Uttar Pradesh.  I did my Graduation, Post-Graduation, and M.Phil. From Bhopal and obtained B.Ed. & M.Ed degrees from CCS University Meerut. I have taught in many schools and colleges. Currently, I am teaching in a premier Fashion Designing Institute in Gurgaon. I also love painting and try to participate in the art exhibitions as and when possible. I do write academic and commercial text for the websites and print media as a freelancer.

Amit- Who is behind the success of yours?

Vandana- Just a thought that each of us has been infused with the tremendous talents and opportunities by the Almighty, and we are here to nurture those talents to become better human beings… This single thought gives me the energy to get my dreams fulfilled.

Amit- Tell us something about the book and your poem?

Vandana- This book, “Ishque The Rain of Love” is an anthology containing a superb collection of poems and short stories by an interesting mix of established and newcomer authors. As this is a collection celebrating Love, my poem also is in sync with the theme.

Amit- Tell us more about the theme of your Poem.

Vandana- My poem, in this collection, carries some beautiful emotions of remote lovers.

Amit – What are your expectations from the book?

Vandana- The theme and content of this book are capable of touching the hearts of the readers, so I am sure to say that this is going to be a hit among the readers who love to read emotions.

Amit- What do you expect from the literary world?

Vandana- As far as Indian literary world is concerned I feel it’s on a never before expansion…Regarding variety of genre, out of the box subject lines, treatments, crisp, and acceptance…I expect this trend to go on, serving the readers with variety and quality both at the same time.

Amit-How is your experience with the publishers?

Vandana- The team Ink lovers is indeed a marvelous set of young and enthusiastic individuals who are determined to bring the best out of their efforts. Working with them has really been a pleasure. And I would definitely like to associate with them in future too.  

Amit- Your favorite book and author?

Vandana- Paulo Coelho is my all time favorite writer and The Alchemist is my favorite book.

Amit- Is there a message in your poem?

Vandana- Well, the message is, ‘no bars of time and space can become distant those who are destined to be connected…

Amit- Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?

Vandana- Yes, I would like to come up with short and crisp stories in future.

Amit- And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?

Vandana- I am currently working on a novel that revolves around the complexity and beauty of human emotions. I am also planning to shape up my poetry in the form of a book soon.