About The Book:

“Tagged”, is a romantic fiction. The story gyrates around an astute, nimble-witted, strong-willed and handsome Sai Prabhu from Pune, who falls head over heels for the gorgeous Preethi Kapoor from Mumbai. What should have been a cakewalk for this girls’ heartthrob turns to be a bed of thorns, because the catch is Sai and Preethi have never met. How Sai Prabhu approaches the love of his life strategically, despite being a stranger to her is revealed in an interesting and gripping narration filled with lots of twists and surprises.

 The story not only talks about Sai’s pursuit of his love but also gives interesting strategies and hints as on how any boy could impress a girl and make her fall for him! This book is sure to be a hit amongst the youth. Boys should definitely read this book to know about girls and their psychology and girls should definitely read this book for the unexpected end and I bet, they will have a laugh for sure!

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Few interesting quotes from the book:

Ø  I was the one who fell in love with her first. Did that mean I should be the first one to propose? I did not believe in the usual love formula where the guy sees the girl, falls in love, proposes, and the girl mocks and rejects him at first. So, the boy goes after her, sometimes faces humiliations and insults but still, waits for the girl to change her mind. Eventually, the girl starts liking him too, says “Yes” and they ride off into the sunset. In my view, it was all crap.

Ø  Guys will fall for a girl only when they feel for her, a special feeling that no girl would understand. It is for the “feeling” they would go after her, and not just for looks.”


M Kaarthika Santhosh is an engineer by education, cost manager by profession and a writer by passion. She hails from Chennai and is currently working in Delhi. She describes herself as a perseverant and an ambitious person. Her flair for words and her zeal for storytelling made her to debut in the writing arena through this novel. She admins a page called „The Roughnote‟ in Facebook where she posts her short stories. Apart from creative writing she likes solving puzzles and travelling around the world!