Here we are with our today’s guest. Meet Lovely Sharma, who pens down her second novel, The Weekend.

An avid reader herself, Lovely Sharma caught her writing bug at the age of 14. Her first novel is Once in a Lifetime Happens Again. Look up her blog for some of her midnight rants! Science, mystery and drama are the three spices of her life. 
In her free time, she scrolls for Harry Potter posts and casual fashion tips. She can be found at the best cafes near her place (currently Bangalore), coffee being her best friend. 

Amit: Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about yourself and the things that define you and your lifestyle. 

Lovely– The first thing about me is madness. I have always been a little too blunt. It is because honesty is something I value beyond anything else, and if blunt is the way to go, that will be it. About my lifestyle, it is a mixture of stability and spontaneity. Most of my activities are a result of being spontaneous- yes, even writing! 

Ayush: How beautiful your book is. It shows your wisdom. It shows the bond that beautifies this short life. Tell us something about your book. For we would love to hear you speak on your own book.
Lovely– The book (The Weekend) is a story springing from some experiences I have seen all girls going through. Even though our society boldly states that girls and boys are equals, they have yet to enforce it themselves. The statement and its lack of implementation is what teenagers cannot digest. Thus, in the battle of feeling caged and feeling unwanted, life happens.
For a girl, regular restrictions become a daily obstacle, while for a boy, having every whim satisfied spoils him. The story revolves around two girls and one boy. It tells of how friendship is so much more important than love and that wealth is but a liability in the way of being a family. Short breaks and a perspective of someone else can change a lot of things, though. 

Ayush: This life is too short and full of uncertainties. How do you take it? What are your conceptions?

I think ‘life is short’ because people don’t enjoy life like it’s supposed to be. People eat away their present thinking about their future, which makes them think this way. Life is certainly full of uncertainties. These uncertainties are what keep us on our toes and make life interesting.

Amit: How was your experience with your very first publisher?
Lovely– My first book was published under Leadstart Publishers. It was a good experience. They were quite engaging and active with me.

Amit: Which life do you enjoy most? The life of an engineer or the life of a writer?
LovelyAs an engineer I am just starting, so I really cannot say.

Ayush: What is your favourite genre? Name a title you wish you had penned down.
Lovely– Thrillers, especially psychological.
Every book penned down is uniquely done because of the author, thus I say, no title.

Ayush: Tell us something about your other hobbies we haven’t heard of that and may motivate others.
Lovely– Well, reading is at the top of my list. Not just because it gives me relief and takes me to another world but also because it gives me an insight into how different people under different circumstances think.

Ayush: How would you like to advise new-comers?
Lovely– While writing a novel, the utmost important thing is the ‘idea’ behind it. Never lose sight of it just because you think the story is going another way. Patience and brainstorming will help you bring things full circle. 

Amit: What are you working on at present?
LovelySome ideas are running in my mind. I will wait and see what way it goes.

Amit: And the last one, something personal about you, people may be surprised to know?
Lovely– I’m a closet singer (western music).

Thank you Lovely! We wish the best for you.
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