An engineer turned poet and found satisfaction in literature. Darshan Rajpurohit hails from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He is contributing poet in the upcoming anthology ‘Ishq 2: The Rain of Love’. Let’s have a chit-chat with him.

Amit- Hello Darshan, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?

Darshan- Okay. So here goes,

I am an engineer by education, a businessman by profession and a poet by choice.
I identify myself as the 5’5 feet tall human ball of humor(that’s what I feel at least). And you’ll always find me roaming around South Bombay on my scooter looking for places serving Strawberry milkshake.

Now about how I started writing,
I remember I had a huge fight with a friend of mine and I didn’t really want to argue more.
So instead, I penned down everything I felt.
When I read it later, I was like ‘Okay, that’s not bad’
And so I started writing more and more about how I felt about things in and around me.
I’ve not stopped after that.

Amit- Tell us something about your academics, career and everything you learned throughout your college life?

Darshan- Like I said, I was an engineering student and currently am into import, export and supplying of electronics but I prefer being known as a poet.

And I learned a lot of things while in college.
That includes not only all the engineering syllabus but the lessons I learned as a human being.
I learned the value of time and teamwork, I learned how to evolve and rebuild yourself.
I can’t and never will associate learning with education.

There is some lesson that you only learn outside the classroom.

How do you deal with a writer’s block? Does it happen often?

Yes, it does. At times, I don’t write for days and at times I write 3-4 poems in an hour. Everytime I feel like saying something, I write.
And every time I realize I am not able to write, I don’t push myself into doing it. Cause I feel that you are able to write when you feel things. And not being able to write proves that you aren’t feeling enough. And at times, I feel too much to write, cause then I feel that my words won’t give justice to my feelings.
So I don’t get disappointed if I am not able to write cause I know the best poems of mine are those which never came down on paper.

Amit- Tell us something about the book and your poem?

This book, “Ishq-2 The Rain of Love” is a collection of poems that talk about love and human feelings. Some of the poets who have contributed to the making this book are newcomers and some are already established ones.
About my poem, since the theme is love, my poems speaks about the feelings one human has towards another. And how love is simple.

Amit- Tell us more about the theme of your Poem.

Darshan- My poem, in this collection, tells the story of a guy who just moved to Mumbai and a girl who he falls in love with. And it shows how love is so simple that you might not need an exchange of words.

– What are your expectations from the book?

I hope this book gives #Feels to all the readers. I hope the readers love and relate to the poems and stories offered by the book.

If all these pieces of literature touch at least one soul, then our purpose is fulfilled.

What do you expect from the literary world?

All the literature is beautiful. I just hope that we, as humans, taking experiences from this world and this society, write more and spread more Poetry everywhere.

Amit-How is your experience with the publishers?

Darshan- The entire team of InkLovers India was very co operative, friendly and loving. It was amazing working with them. These are a group of young people trying to spread Poetry as far as possible, trying to give back the world something it needs.
I would love to collaborate with them again.

Amit- Your favorite book and author?

I think every book has something to give, we have something to learn. I am not an avid reader, but currently, I’m reading a book named Gulzar. It a collection of his work. Its beautiful.

Is there a message in your poem?

Yes. My poems tell about how love doesn’t need any medium to flow through. It happens anytime, anywhere, everytime, everywhere, with anyone and everyone. And how small gesture of kindness (in this poem a smile) can make you fell home in a city full of strangers.

Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?

I always want to expand my wings and see my ability so I have been experimenting with genres. I have already written about love, society, patriotism, depression and Indian mythology and now I would like to experiment in horror.

Amit- And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?

Darshan- This is the first time that I am getting my poem published. Currently, I am working on few pieces.

I hope I’d write my own book someday.

Till then, My diary is my one and only literary work. 

Thanks, Darshan! Best Wishes!

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