‘Mammi! Suno na Papa kb aayenge’ an innocent baby girl, Nitisha, was desperately looking towards the road. Each of passing vehicle’s noise was feel her up in hope for instance look of her father. Her impatience was losing their way. Her hopeful eyes were asking for answer about her father. Her mom, Misa, looked into her babies eyes, kissed on forehead and fondle her golden hairs. ‘Shona, mai bhi to wait kr rhi hu. Aane do aaj hum dono daant lgayenge. Ok baby.’ She said and both chuckled. Nitisha laugh uncontrolled as she really got to chance to show up. Misa distract her baby and said, ‘Ab aap kuch kha lo uske bad hum aapko khani sunayenge.’ Misa’s heart beat was too skipping rapidly. She tried her husband’s cell again and again. But operator was repeating the same tone, ‘The customer you are trying is currently unavailable, please try after some time.’
Time was passing at their speed but it was like era’s period for her. Her eyes were swollen in waiting of MANAV. The wall clock knocked on 12 o’clock midnight. Misa dialled a number, probably any of his relative a middle aged received. Fearing or something painful she disconnected. She was weepy and crying silently in jeopardy of uncertain future. She dialled number again.
‘Hello!’ a female tone came from other side.
‘Bhabhi…’ calling her name she blubbered. Her pain was taking a form of tears, no words were to say.
‘Misa… ‘What an awaking call it was! After long six years they both were talking over cell-phone. ‘KYA HUA? Tu thik to hai! kuch bta to shi!’ she too frightened and trying to be familiar of situation.
“Bhabhi MANAVvv……’ hardly she could called out name. Her tears were falling continuously. 
‘Kha hai Manav? Kya hua Manav ko?’ Bhabhi scared to unaware thoughts. Her mind were hammered with misshapen.
‘Vo abhi tak ghar nhi aaye 3 bje market gye hai phone bhi off hai.’ Her crying tone melting the heart of Bhabhi.
‘Misa, chup ho ja vo aa jayega kisi friend ke pass gya hoga.’ Bhabhi consoled but she knew Manav can’t go like this. She too worried but prefer to make Misa relaxed first. 
‘Nhi bhabhi! Manav ko aap janti hai vo eaisa nhi kr skta hai.’ She sobbed.
A big silence take place over the phone. Misa was sobbing while Bhabhi was thinking peacefully.
‘OK hum vha aa rhe hai, address bta aur preshan nhi hona.’ Bhabhi ordered her to be normal for her child.
Putting down the cell Misa lied and dissolved in past where there she was with Manav and happiness.
Five years back
Manav and Misa were friend since college days. They were silently in love but could not show to each other. Either library or canteen, they went together. Manav use to tease her about married life including some other one senior or others. It was because Manav heard many gossip relate to her about marry or like. Many of seniors were planned to go to her mom with proposal. Misa simply smiled and punch him in response. While this conversation Misa panic to hear others name which joined with her.
One day as Manav reached his home his parents were celebrating to choose a girl for his elder brother, NIKHIL. Nikhil was an Iitian and doing job in Mumbai.
‘Congrats Buddy finally you found your princess.’ He wished and hugged him.
 ‘Yes, I got her. See here is her photographs.’ Nikhil handed some photos to him.
‘Misa…’ Manav spoke out in surprise. ‘Unbelievable.’
 ‘Yes, do you know her?’ Nikhil asked.
‘Actually, we are best friends in same batch…’ and told everything, ‘Even I …..’ he stammered and left uncompleted. He left a lot of questions in Nikhil’s mind.
Manav exam over and he left the city in search of job while totally disappeared from Misa as well as Nikhil’s life. Here Nikhil and Misa marridge were fixed. Nikhil was trying his best to know all about her finances.
‘Misa, Do you know Manav?’ Nikhil asked. Misa shocked to listen his name after a long time. A drop of tear rolled down from her chick and lay.
‘He is my best friend and I…’ she cut the lines same as Manav did before.
‘Here is his number, and he is my younger brother.’ He handed over a note into her hand and left. She stayed like iconoclast and watched until he vanished from sight.
‘Manav, I love you. Please come back Manav, I can’t live without you!…’ she cried over cell.
“Misa, it’s wrong. What our family will think! Your marriage fixed. What my brother will think! We can’t be together.’ Saying that he cut down the line.
Misa called again. ‘Manav, Misa is just yours, she can’t compromise with her love please come together and hold my hand. I am missing you so much. I am alone dear. Can you see tears in my eyes? Can you hear I am crying? Your Misa crying Manav please come back.’ She urged to be together. Manav was firm as well as right too. He did not want to hurt his family and brother too. But it was also true he can’t compromise with his feelings, with his beloved Misa.
Whenever he looked in future he saw himself with Misa even he wish to be her life partner in Misa. This was forced him to bring Misa back into his life. But the question was, ‘How?’ ‘Can I be able to talk about marriage with same girl which is chosen for mine elder?’ he was struggling with his thoughts.
While this mind conversation his cell rang, this was his brother’s call. Controlling all emotions she pick up the call.
‘Hello, bro. how are you and how’s mine bhabhi?’ he showed as he was happiest person on earth.
‘Everything is fine. Your ticket is booked and I had mailed you. Pack your bags and come hurry. Here we will talk.’ Nikhil said joyfully.
‘But bro. you know a lot of work here, I can’t came until it’s completed.’ He protested enough.
‘I don’t want to hear any excuse either you coming here or I will be there, decision is in your hand’ Nikhil ordered and disconnected the call.
A big question mark was on the face of Manav, he was in big trouble. Beyond the dilemma he rushed to catch flight.

‘Bhabhi, we need your help!’ Manav and Misa went to Misa’s bhabhi, Rietika, 25 years old lady. Rietika’s husband and Misa’s brother died a year before in road-accident just after one month of marriage.
They described all the things they enjoyed, all the conditions as well as present. They were decided to do what Bhabhi will suggest them.
‘Misa..actually Manav is right’ Bhabhi said. Misa looked hopelessly into Bhabhi’s eyes. Her eyes got wet. She closed her eyes. Before bhabhi proceed their talk Manav got up and wiped off Misa’s tears. He hugged her tightly. They both were weeping. Emotionally, physically, mentally they were together. They kissed each other. Seeing them, bhabhi too emotional. 
‘Finally you both were going to be mingle na!’ bhabhi teased.
They node. This was going too much tough because all the preparation of marriage had done and who will go to talk about them?
‘I will talk from your side.’ Bhabhi smiled. It was great to be supported by her. We cheered up and bhabhi wishes both of us for great future. We too thanked her for supporting us. 
This was great thing for them but it seemed too much tough. Bhabhi called Bhaiyya and told them everything, Nikhil was too much angry with us but disagree our desired and said, ‘I can’t do anything, should I go to Mom and Dad and tell, will they understand everything?’ there was a doubt in his mind. Bhabhi stand and seated beside him ‘Nikhil! Marriage should be your decision. Manav and Misa loves each other. Then you should too happy for your brother.’ Bhabhi was trying to carry him with our favour.
‘But what about social and relatives?’ Nikhil was not in mood to accept anything. We are respective middle class man, and you know better for earning respect for our class in huge task and once its vanish then our parents will be no more. Should I deal with death certificate with our lord?’ Nikhil put a big silence on Rietika’s face. She returned back without telling him the second option of both. The second option was court marriage.
Very next day both lovers, Manav and Misa bound in a world’s most wonderful relation by singing court papers. Since that day they are living in Pune, Manav decided not to contact any of family member, Rietika too, and started living a new life.
 ‘Misa!!’ a female knocked on door, this was 5 o’clock morning and Misa was half sleepy waiting for her beloved. He glanced upon her sleeping baby, kissing her affection ally she opened the door which was knocked more than five times in passed two minutes. 
‘Bhabhi..’ she hugged in surprise, latter she broken in tears. Rietika consoled her.
All of sudden her eyes stayed on a person who stand beside them and watching ‘Nikhil Bhaiyya..! She screamed as she realize her sense back.
   They both greetings and set back in hall.
‘When you both left us, we had a mess. Parents were blaming me, and I too. We tried our best to search you but failed everywhere. Then Rietika handed me your last written letter in which you told that you both will not come back. We lost our hope. Marriage date was closed, and in those days Rietika and me became familiar, after that..’ Nikhil smiled.
‘Nikhil proposed me and offered to marry and resultant we are together.’ Rietika completed the story of being together of them.
Hardly Misa smiled, but inside her smile a pain was lining clearly. 
On the same day they heard a news about Manav, he had met an accident near highway, and they reached to hospital. Manav was in danger and calling for his father. Listening that Nikhil get pale, because father died after a month of their escaping.
So he decided to go in front of his eyes, Doctor was worrying if it could be more danger. Nikhil and Rietika went together with a glimpse. Manav’s eyes sparked in surprise, his eyes full with tear. They all became emotional.
‘How long these five years!’ Misa said with carrying her baby in front of him.
Soon he became healthy and became a part of his family.

This story is written for a message for love couples who ran from home and latter live separately without blessing of family. Family too missed them, so be enjoy full and share all your secrets with your parents preventing a huge mistake.
With lots of Love,
                                                                                                  AMIT PANDEY