By Ayush Sinha
Jesus was once asked if He had seen God. He straight away said, “Yes”. The crowd then asked Him if He could show Him to them as well. He said, ” Yes, I will just show you all”. He straight away took a child, who was in the crowd, in his lap and showed all of them. He said, ” Here He is”. The crowd was astonished.
       Have a look at the sun, the moon, the stars and their congregation. We live in a galaxy which is one of the most beautiful galaxies in the Universe. We walk on a planet which is the most beautiful planet in this galaxy. We are the only known creatures to have such sangfroid. Then comes the question as to why we fight over everything we come across in this world. Later on, we may fight for planets as well. There may be fights over the possesions of those planets. That is perhaps what Kaliyuga is all about. We have gone astray and are so lost that the paths seem secluded to us. No known creature has as beautiful a face as you. No known creature has as beautiful and developed a mind as you. What else one needs! Truly has somebody said that the best things in the world are free. How beautiful Mother Nature is. We are all different and different parts of Mother Nature. Perhaps, all we need to do is to realize our own beauty. All we need to do is to realize our own grandeur. There is no difference between us. There is indeed no difference. And all that seems to be some sort of difference is nothing but maya(illusion). We need to get rid of that maya. We need to realize our true value. The Upanisads call God Sacchidananda. The term Sacchidananda is made of three different Sanskrit words. They are “Sat”, “Chit” and “Ananda”. “Sat” means eternal existence and absolute reality. “Chit” means consciousness and infinite power of cognition and knowledge acquisition. “Ananda” here means unlimited beautifying bliss. And the most interesting thing is that we have all of them, and none of us lacks any power, joy or knowledge. What one needs to do is to live before one dies, for one has got everything, and nobody lacks anyhing in this Universe at all. 
      God is indeed within us. The only reason why we don’t realize is that we are all used to this way of living. It has been like this for aeons. Give up your selfishness, greed, lust, and anger for some time, and then only will you be able to see the the divinity that is within your own self.
                                   Perhaps, death is the end of all desires, and that is why we all get scared of death. But even death is another life for those whose eyes are no longer clouded. They are the perfect ones who can look back and will never regret.