Krishnasish Jana is currently pursuing his B.Tech degree from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. He has been published by Penguin. He has won many online literary events, and published on online portals. He is also an artist, and is currently working on his own graphic novel as writer and sketch-artist. ‘THE PAINTBRUSH’ is his first novel which is currently being edited. He also plans to publish his own anthology of short stories and poems that revolve around the neglected corners of human life in rural parts of the country.He is an avid reader, and an active blogger. 

Amit- Hello Krishnasish, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?

Krishnasish- I am an engineering student.

I am from Kharagpur. I started writing in 2005, when I was a little kid. I was in the fifth standard. I had to write a poem for my school magazine. I remember the first time I had rhymed ‘sky’ with ‘high’. I had felt exhilarated. That feeling was necessary, I believe. I still feel it.

Amit-  An Engineer and a writer. What’s next?

Krishnasish- I have no idea what’s next. Yes, I have a few plans. Plans regarding a graphic novel. And for that I need a team. It’s a distant dream. And dreams evolve with time. I’ll just have to be patient.

 Amit- There is a Quote “Behind every man’s success there is a woman”. But who is/are behind the success of yours?

Krishnasish- My mother, without a doubt. She’s the only God besides my father who says “you don’t have to” when I stoop down to touch her feet.
Amit- Tell us something about the book and your story/poem.

Krishnasish- The anthology is about last wishes, and I cannot wait to read all the wonderful stories and poems contributed by so many talented writers. It feels good to be a part of something so beautiful. My story is about a father and his family.

Amit- What are your expectations from the book?

Krishnasish- I believe it will do well. It all depends on the readers and how they feel about it once the last leaf is turned. This book will prove to be a good platform. This is an honest effort. Let’s hope for the best.
Amit- How is your experience with publishers?

Krishnasish- Some experiences were sweet, and some bitter. I have been in contact with international publishers and literary agents as well. The experiences eventually made me aware of the processes, the necessities, and most importantly the ways of improving oneself.

 Amit- Your favourite book and author?

Krishnasish- Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’, and pretty much everything by Satyajit Ray.
Amit-  Is there a message in your story?

Krishnasish- Tough. There is something, yes, but I wouldn’t call it a ‘message’.
Amit- Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?

Krishnasish- I haven’t really thought about it. If something tugs at the right cords of my heart, I will go ahead with it.

Amit- And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?

Krishnasish- There are a few other anthologies lined up. My first novel ‘The Paintbrush’ is currently being edited, and hopefully it will see the light of the day by next year. I am currently working on a few stories which I plan to weave into one anthology.

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