Today we want to introduce an author who is taking up the industry with a storm, a title which is creating a lot of buzz all around. It is Hey Dad! Meet My Mom Authored by Sandeep Sharma. Let’s hear out his story.

Amit-  Hello Sandeep, tell us something about you. How you started writing?
Sandeep- I am a dreamer who dreams with open eyes and act in the direction of achieving it. I am a total ‘Novel’oic (Addicted to novels) person and want to pursue my whole life being surrounded by great novels. I am currently a B-Tech. student, final year; civil branch from JSS, Noida and my home town is Agra.
My father had a dream within him and that was to become an author but he was not ready to show or to reveal his writing in front of anyone. He just kept his dream hidden under his pillow. I have seen him burning his diary on which he once wrote his beautiful poetries. I was a small boy then, around 10 years old and I think that sight of ‘burning dreams’ ignited a writer in my heart. I wrote my first short story when I was around 12, I started blogging when I was 17 and till 19 or so, I wrote around 100 or more short stories. My first novel came in the market when I was 20. 

Amit-  Being an engineer of civil, don’t you feel you have switched to an entirely different field (writing)?
Sandeep- I think engineering is a multidisciplinary stream. It helps you grow in every direction and I truly believe that whatever you are doing or wherever you are, never give up your hobby. Your hobby is the only thing which makes you stand tall in front of the ordinary crowd.
Another thing is that, I love science fiction and thriller genre and the way I see my studies is pretty different from others. For explaining my point I would like to put forward Ajay Pandey sir’s work in his novel Resonance (Released by Westland few months ago). His story is about the terrorist’s attack over a Dam and to explain the phenomenon, author needed to be knowledgeable about civil structures. So my point is you never know from where you’ll have your muse for another story.    

Amit-  What did you expect from literary word?
Sandeep– I have just entered and yet to explore the depths of it but yes I did find that the literary field is pretty friendly and frankly speaking, I was here just to make friends and share my weird thoughts with them and so far, thankfully (Touch Wood), I have succeeded in my mission.

 Amit- Your upcoming book is “Hey Dad Meet My Mom”, what is the book genre/category?
Sandeep- It’s a suspense filled Romantic Comedy. Just as its name, the story also is pretty different.

Amit-  Please describe what the story is about?
Sandeep– From childhood, the world in which we live, teaches us to bury our ‘bad’ past somewhere deep inside us, so deep, that even we can’t dig it back and after that just move on.
What happens when a 10 year old child, who claims to be your future son, comes to you to help you find a perfect match for his mother? What happens when eventually you start to doubt on his intentions? What happens when a girl starts to turn your dreams into nightmares? What happens when your ‘Future son’ starts to haunt you? What happens when your FUTURE starts to bleed in your PRESENT through your PAST?
‘Hey Dad! Meet My Mom!!!’ is nothing less than a roller coaster ride of comedy, fear, love and don’t forget to expect the unexpected
(NOTE: For all those who just thought that the story seems to resemble with the story of bollywood film ‘Action Replay’; please just pull that thought out of your mind and throw it away. The story resembles nothing).

Amit- What prompted you to think of this topic?
Sandeep- Truly speaking, I don’t know. I just had a blank idea of writing something which sounds creepy and can turn up something awesome. I didn’t had a slightest idea of what will I write, I just kept on writing it chapter by chapter and story came up.
Here I would like to mention my co-author, Leepi Agrawal, as well; she helped a lot while shaping the frame for the story-line. The character of Roshni is very strong and needed to be portrayed in a manner that will sound pretty compelling and Leepi has done great job in doing that.  

Amit- You worked with several publishers how was your experience with them and other fellow authors?
Sandeep-The experience was great. I have been published as contributing author in 6 anthologies and 2 full length novels (Including HDM3). In this journey I met many wonderful people. I met Pulkit Gupta while working on Crumpled Voices. There I saw the hard work of him and got so impressed that I decided to give my work (HDM3) to him and he handled it amazingly.
While working on some another anthology, I met Leepi and that’s where the journey of HDM3 started.
Amit-  Your favourite book and author?
Sandeep- There are many. I love writing of Dan Brown, Sydney Sheldon, David Baldacci and in Indian authors, I love to read Ashwin Sanghi, Suhail Mathur (The Bhairav Putras) & Vishwas Mudagal (Losing My Religion).

Amit-  Is there a message in your story?
Sandeep- This thing I would like to leave on readers. I don’t know whether my story is having any message or not, I want my readers to read and decide upon it.

Amit-   And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?
Sandeep- I am currently writing a crime cum historical fiction based on the history/origin of Chess named ‘Let the game begin!’ We are also working on the sequel of HDM3 and hopefully we will come up with yet another entertainer.

Thank you so much Sandeep. We wish your book will knock records and good luck.

Author of ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom…’
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