Arun Prabhu (Aradhya) is an engineer with post graduation in management and has a work experience of 20 years in IT industry. His book ““COUNT YOUR CHICKEN BEFORE YOU LAY THEM” has have impact on readers, Let’s know more about him.

Hi Arun Prabhu Sir, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

AMIT-  You’ve had a rich career in your Job for more than 20 years would you like to share ups and downs of being working?
SIR– I had a career of 20+ years in IT and corporate world rather I am continuing with this career till my dream comes true. In these years I have seen lot of ups and downs in life and the very thought always bugged me is when I have done everything as per the rule book .I was hard working. I was honest … i gave the best to my job then why is it that I had to go through the ups and downs. What was it that was missing in my education and that could have helped me in not making those mistakes? This introspection lead me to attend lot of seminars , workshops , meetings and talking to lot of successful people and reading lot of books. And then I realized that if all the experiences which I had gathered had I known in my college days I would have been a different person. But at the same time everything happens for a purpose and may be the universe was using me as a tool to propagate and educate the masses. I have been bankrupt in my life twice and gone through lot of relationship issues due to such ups and downs and if I could make a change in even a single person’s life I would consider my life well lived.
AMIT– What is the turning point in your career? What inspired you to write a book?
SIR– I have already mentioned above the turning point in my life was going bankrupt twice in my life and the repercussions of that. That is what inspired me to write the book.
AMIT– How did you choose the genre and title of the book “COUNT YOUR CHICKEN BEFORE YOU LAY THEM”?
SIR- Obviously the genre had to be self-help fiction. The title of the book as many would think is odd but is actually a statement in itself. We have been trained all our life that “do not count your chicken before they hatch”. This according to me is a wrong statement. This is a pessimistic view and wrongly interpreted. It is said that we do not get what we dream of but at the same time we will never get what we have not dreamt of. So where is the catch? The catch is that we should dream, rather I would say we should write down all our dreams, visualize them and live our life in achieving those dreams. Now here I am not talking about worthless dreams like owning a car or a house etc. They are just a part of our dream. We should have worthwhile dreams which give meaning to our life. When we say “count your chicken before you lay them” it means having the end in mind. We should plan where we want to head before we start the journey.
AMIT– What prompted you to think of this topic?
SIR- As explained previously the title says we should count before the action is taken. Begin with end in mind.
AMIT– Was it easy to find a publisher at the start?
SIR-No it was not easy to find publishers for a first time author. I was rejected by all publishers and since I had a dream and I wanted to publish my book whatever happens, I had to do it all by myself. I am thankful to God and my friends who helped me time to time. Rather I would say it was a very good experience.
AMIT– What were you 1-2 biggest learning experience or surprise through the publishing process?
SIR– Everything was a learning experience right from writing, editing, publishing, marketing, endorsing and copyrighting.
AMIT– On other note, what you have done differently if you could do it again?
SIR– If I was to do it again I would have chosen what I have done. No regrets rather I thank God that he made it difficult for me because that way I learnt so many things and the person I became.
AMIT– Which part of writing you consider the hardest?
SIR– Surprisingly the hardest part in writing is to start. I have met so many people who have congratulated me without reading the book. I asked them read my book first and they said everyone wants to write and everyone has a best seller. The challenge is how many take the first step to start.
AMIT- Best piece of advice for writers trying to break in?
SIR- I will reiterate for all writers start writing and things will flow. Many a times we are awed by the idea to make it a best seller that we become paralysed with the thought. Each book is a master piece if written from the heart. Never think who will read and how many will read. If we have written a book there will be readers. Secondly many writers get paralysed by the process. Who will publish how it will get published etc. Writing is a journey and we should keep something for surprises. So all writers start writing
     I would say everyone should write something and read as much as we can. That is the only way to stay alive even after we die.
AMIT– Something personal about you, people may be surprise to know?
SIR- I am myself surprised by myself. I am yet to discover myself. Whatever I thought I cannot do I surprise myself by doing it. And that is true not only for me it is for everyone.
AMIT- What are you working on at the minute?
SIR- I am working on my new novel which I plan to release this April 2015. I have delayed my Hindi version of my previous novel also. I need to finish that this year.

Thank you so much Sir, being with us and sharing your experience as an author and ‘IT experienced’. 

“COUNT YOUR CHICKEN BEFORE YOU LAY THEM” The book is a journey of how he gets transformed into a very successful person in all aspects of life personal, financial, family, society, creativity and spiritual. The book deals with every day struggles, achievements, weaknesses and emotions of a common man and how he is guided by his mentor to come out of it to create a mark for himself…how he is taught the laws of success, discipline, to be patient and one day his dreams would be fulfilled and he would live a meaningful life in spite of all the difficulties and challenges in his life…