He is a world record holder for publishing the smallest love storybook in India. Currently based in Delhi, he was born and brought up in Jamshedpur. He introduced the first pocket storybook in India.  
  He is Editor of The Untold Love Stories and written It’s A Love Story (2013), Love: A Sweet Poison (2014), Zindagi: The Story Of Life (2014), The Untold Love Stories (2014), The Pocket Love Story (2015), and In Love With Shah Rukh Khan (2016)

Today he is here sharing his experience and journey as a writer, entrepreneur, filmmaker and lots of more..

Amit- Sir! I am confused today. How to introduce you an Author, Filmmaker, Designer, and an Entrepreneur?

Sir- You may describe me as all of them. I am a bit of author, a bit of filmmaker, about of designer and entrepreneur. 

Amit-  ‘IN DI SPIRE’ how close you are towards to #LifeDeathBucketList “Ten Things You Must Do Before You Die”

Sir- I am nowhere near to it. I have seen many dreams. I have many goals to achieve in my life and I feel it’s just the beginning!

Amit- There is a Quote “Behind every man’s success there is a woman”. But who is/are behind the success of Ajitabha Bose?

Sir- Honestly speaking, whatever I have achieved till date is all because of you people. By “you people” I mean my family, relatives, cousins, friends and above all my well-wishers. It would be rude or injustice to say ONE name.

Amit-  Readers love the way you have written both of pocketbook. But did it happen with you that you find hard to write a book? Which book touches your lovely heart?

Sir- Yes, it is difficult to write a pocketbook in comparison to a novel. You have to very precise, and at the same time you can’t miss out the feelings. The words chosen should be good. I love reading romance genre books. Sudeep Nagarkar and Ravinder Singh are my favorite Indian authors.

Amit-  Tell us something about your journey as a writer and something about your all your previous piece of writing.

Sir- It all began in the year 2010 when I wrote my first blog. The ones, who read it, praised it. It motivated me a lot and I began writing more often. In the year 2013, I printed my first book myself and it sold out well. Everyone appreciated it. Then in the year 2014, I published my first short story in an anthology Love: A Sweet Poison. Then one more in Zindagi: The Story Of Life. I edited an anthology named The Untold Love Stories in the year 2015. And then came my first pocket book, The Pocket Love Story. People liked the concept and appreciated it throughout. My last book came out this year named In Love With Shah Rukh Khan.

Amit-  I am zealous from you that you met Superstar SRK. But anyway how this beautiful story plotted?

Sir- I haven’t met him yet, but Insha Allah I will meet him soon. In Love With Shah Rukh Khan is a story of dreams, life and of course love. This story needed a superstar and there is no bigger star than SRK in this world. 

Amit- What are you working on at the minute?

Sir- I have recently started writing my next pocketbook. Wish to complete it by the end of 2016.

Amit-  Would you like to share anything that has been left by me?

Sir- I would like to thank each and every one who has bestowed immense amount of love to my work. Keep loving me and my work and I promise to keep entertain you all!

Amit- And the last one, you seem to be so mature, talented and passionate for your work. From where you get so much passion, energy, eager to work and work. Share with us. 

Sir- The day you start dreaming with open eyes, that is the day you start working hard to fulfill it as well. It is such a great time with you, Sir! I wish a great success in your career. 

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