Boy – Ankit.
Girl – Priya.

 She was loving him from the depth of her heart. She was a good girl with childish nature. Everyone was loving that girl, by her nature.  Her friends also were loving her. Ankit always use to say that he don’t want her past, he likes her into childish nature.

 One day Ankit told her that he doesn’t like her friends, because her friends who are count in boy love her and said to leave them. She left her friends for Ankit. She left her childhood friend for her lover and her childhood friend said that I know Priya, you left me because of him, I can understand you and if want any help I will be ready for it dear. He said her that, and latter when she behave like kid, he don’t like her nature. He want her to be mature, or else he will go. For his happiness she was trying hard to behave like mature.

  After a couple of weeks she fallen from scoty and she was badly injured. He got the news about her accident, he called her and talked to her. After an hour he opened her email id in that he saw notes about her past. He again called her and told that you hug your ex and started to tell that Priya I don’t like to be with you, I don’t want to be with a girl who behave childish, I don’t want to be with a girl whom everybody love’s. I don’t want to be with you, you get lost from my life. At that time, she was sleeping to bed and by hearing his words, she started to cry, she wanted to explain him that she is try her best to be like his dream girl, but he didn’t listen her words and cut the call. she got up from the bed. As her leg was injured, she couldn’t stand properly, but she tried and she was fallen down. she again got up, she tried her best, she bear the horrible pain and walked two steps but again she was fallen down and she fall conscious.

  Next day at 5’0 clock in the morning,
Her mom went to her room, she saw that Priya on the floor and her leg was bleeding. She took her to hospital. She was in hospital for 3 hour’s, when she woke up, she started to call him and it was showing that the number is busy. She came to her home. she again started to see his chat and she was crying harder, but no one was there to weep off her tears, she was left alone and she lost her friends because of him. Every day she was acting to be okay, she always had a fake smile on her face, every night she use to cry hard, every night she was crying like a mad, every night she kill herself by his memories. And when the resolution take place into her life with New Year, She started to do social works and she was waiting for me and at last she did due to hurt-attack.

PK Priyanka