Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has written 11 poetry books and 1 short story collection. He has been a part of 89 poetry anthologies/magazines with writers around the world. He has won “Aagaman Young Talent – 2015” award. He has won “Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature-2014” for his short story.His works are also included in various blogs and websites. He is also a part of “Limca Book of Records – 2015” as he participated in “Synthesis – The First book on duet poetry”. With a touch of music in him, he is also a rhythm guitarist and songwriter. The songs can be enjoyed in his youtube channel.
Amit- Hello Dr. Diwakar, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?

Dr. Diwakar- During the ever boring extra period in the school,

the teacher was all about to instruct everyone to sit silently. It was raining outside and we as children were all looking outside. Suddenly the teacher would tell children to write poems and recite. Those not interested can remain silent. And then the creative minds would spark. That was the exact thing that happened with me when I was in 10th class. But wait, a year ago during that ‘history’ period a boy wrote a short story on a few pages while the teacher would be busy in teaching. That boy had no idea what he was about to do in future. After 16 years that boy had 12 published books with him. He is a part of 89 poetry anthologies/magazines with poets around the world. That boy won ‘Aagaman Young Talent Award – 2015’ and Poises Award for Excellence in Literature – 2014. That boy is me, Dr. Diwakar Pokhriyal. I have also written few songs and played guitar in few songs.

Amit- An Engineer/An MBA/A Doctor/ A guitarist and A writer What is next?

Dr. Diwakar- An Engineer, An MBA, A Doctor, A Poet, A writer, A guitarist, …. Wait more to me. its Loading.
Amit- There is a Quote “Behind every man’s success there is a woman”. But who is/are behind the success of yours?
Dr. Diwakar- In this uncertain world where people are hurt, where children are without basic necessities, no time to think, if I can get few seconds to sit calmly to recognize my desires and passion, the credit goes to my family. There are two actually women that has the major role in my journey so far, first is my mother and second is my creative mentor.
Amit- Tell something about the book and your story/poem?
Dr. Diwakar- This book is a beautiful platform for all the creative geniuses. To know about the story, the only way is to grab a copy.
Amit- What did you expect from the literary word?

Dr. Diwakar- I have expectations with myself, be it as a human being or as a writer. The day it will end everything will come to a halt. The expectation from the world outside is close to minimal, as the world outside acts as per my own reactions and learnings. If I will lose hope, outside world might sympathise or not. If I will keep moving, the world outside will still be the same for others. Similarly I don’t expect anything from literary world, I expect from myself to know more about the literary world and in the journey I will find in me the Literature I have never encountered.
Amit- How is your experience with publishers?

Dr. Diwakar- It’s really an amazing journey so far. With 12 book published and 89 poetry anthologies/magazine, it has been a roller coaster ride. I have experienced the feel of a trash and also a magician at work. That’s how different publishers will make your feel because every publisher will have their own yard stick to judge a writer or his creation. So keep moving Folks!
Amit- Your favorite book and author?
Dr. Diwakar- My favorite book is ‘The Element’ by Sir Ken Robinson. A book that clearly depicts the creative bend of mind. A book that exemplifies the creativeness inside every single child. This book makes you believe in the ability of everyone around you.It consists of real life example of the creative geniuses.
Amit- Is there a message in your story?
Dr. Diwakar- Yes, the message is loud and clear. It would be evident as the reader will walk through the story and reach the end of it.
Amit- Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?
Dr. Diwakar- I would love to work for different genre. This is just the beginning. Keep track for more news.
Amit- Would you like to share anything that has left by me?
Dr. Diwakar- I would like to share a cup of coffee with a small discussion about the dreams. Anyone Interested?
Amit- You seem to be so mature, talented and passionate about your work. From where you get so much passion, energy, eager to work and work. Share with us.
Dr. Diwakar- I don’t see it as a work and hence there is no stopping me. We mostly get drained by something that takes our energy away. Writing gives me peace of mind and energy. It is a process that is now a part of my life, rather than work.
Every day I write something, a poem or a story or any two liner. My mind keeps on rhyming every second. It has become a part of me and hence there is no separating the art and the artist. And hence the writing gives me energy rather than draining.
Amit- And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?
Dr. Diwakar- New Year has a lot in store, I am coming up with 3 solo poetry books, and 1 Hindi novel. As for collaborative works, there are few books in store. I am sure the upcoming year will be a creative feast for all lovers of creativity.
You can contact him: http://www.diwakarpokhriyal.com/