Daman Singh grew up in an artistic atmosphere where her mother loved collecting paintings and crafted decors and father was fond of creative writings.Growing up, she realized obsession towards colors. Later in her secondary education,she adopted capabilities to create thoughts into art pieces.

Working as an artist, whenever She get a chance, indulge into creative writing. 

Amit- Hello Daman, tell us something about you. How did you start writing?
Daman- I’m a literature student, pursuing Masters in English. Professionally, I’m a painting artist. Being an avid reader since I was a child, I found peace in writing out my mind to get away from the hustling life, heading into my own fictional world. 

Amit- Tell something about the book and your piece of writing?
Daman- Conventionally, a love poem, my poem in Un-Whispered Wish is about a lover’s confession of love to his beloved, how his world and all his wishes revolve around her. 

Amit- What are your expectations from the book?
Daman- The book, being an anthology of poetry and short stories about the deep rooted wishes, I expect it to make the reader delve into their own selves and find what their souls wish for. 
Amit- How is your experience with publishers?
Daman- Un-Whispered Wish is a great platform that the publishers have provided us with and I look forward to work with them on more projects. 

Amit- Your favourite book and author?
Daman- Cecelia Ahern. Her books mingle fantasy with reality. 

Amit- Is there a message in your poem?

Daman- My poem is about a selfless love, away from the materialism which has taken away the purity and innocence which once was so evident when people talked about love. So the message is to spread love with all its purity and innocence.

Amit- Is there any other genre that you would work on in future?

Daman- Except the romantic genre, I try writing poems and stories in the realistic genre. 

Amit- Daman,you seems to be so mature, talented and passionate about creativity. From where you get so much passion, energy, eager to work and work. Share with us.

Daman- I believe its writing and painting which gives me energy to get out into this world and face the reality, to leave my mark on the people I deal with.

Amit- And the last one, tell us something about your upcoming books and works?
Daman- Except the anthologies I have been a part of by now, I am working on the compilation of my own poems and that shall make my first book as a poet. 

Un-Whispered Wish is an anthology by Inklovers India Publication  having poems and stories.