Brinda Tailor is an 18 years old student, born and brought up in Bharuch, Gujarat. She is currently in the second semester of engineering. She is pursuing Electronics and communication degree from DDIT, Nadiad.  She started writing poems at the age of 15. After realizing her keen interest in writing, she started writing blogs, poems, short stories and notes. “A night in paradise” is her first attempt in writing a fictional short story, in that sense it is her literary debut. Besides writing she is highly passionate about photography and handles the camera very well. Her love for sports makes her a very good volleyball player. In her spare time she loves listening music to sharpen her creative ability.

She has always dreamt of being part of something which she can be proud of, and while writing, she lives her dream.  Her other anthologies are: Life sundae, Goofy- Good old obsolete freaking years of engineering, 31 sins.  ‘Catalogue- A menu of memories’ is her upcoming anthology.

Dear Brinda, Thank you for agreeing interview with us.

Amit- How will you define yourself?
Brinda- I am a crazy girl who can do anything for my loved ones. I am an engineering student with passion of photography and writing, love playing volleyball and sometimes trying my hands on picture editing. I love clicking and getting clicked and I am a foodie. I am shy at first, devil after I get comfortable with people. Listening to music, driving in the rain, partying, shopping, sleeping are the things I love. That’s how I would like to define myself.
  Amit- What were your feelings where you first got published?
Brinda-When I came to know I was getting published in my first anthology, I was on cloud nine. It was a beautiful feeling and I cannot describe how awesome I felt while signing the contract of my first anthology “A night in paradise”. For that, I would like to thank my friend Abhinav Kr. Pandey.
   Amit- Which part of writing you consider the hardest?
Brinda- According to me, marketing or let me say promoting is the hardest part of writing. One can write his thoughts on paper or on computer, can edit it, can get it published but the hard part is the marketing. Books comes and goes, promoting a book is really important else the book will reach in a few known hands and then would be replaced by another piece of literature.
  Amit- What inspired you too write?
Brinda- Inspiration, well I would say teenage, school days, friends, heartbreaks (here I would like to add, not particularly relationship heartbreaks) inspired me to write. I used to write silly poems and stuffs during my lectures in school and I took up writing seriously when one of my friend Chandan Tiwari gave me an idea to write a random love story. Then I got introduced to a few writers, groups and got into writing.

  Amit-Name a book or story you wish you’ve written?
Brinda- I wish I had written “Till the last breath” along with Durjoy Datta because I am in love with that book, how it is written, how it explains to love the people at the moment, time waits for none, their chemistry, and well, I would’ve got a chance to co-write with DD 🙂
  Amit- What are you working on at the minute?
Brinda- Right now, I am not working on any anthology. In fact, I am working on the plot of my first novel.
  Amit- Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?
Brinda– (smile) Abusing. Yes! You heard it right. I abuse a lot and I am a moody person. Only few of my people can handle my mood swings and that’s why they are my people. 🙂
  Amit-Tell us about a normal day that you spend writing?
Brinda- I don’t write always, but when I do, I sit in the corner of my room, alone with my laptop and write things that I imagine to happen with me someday, I love making stories but sometimes hate it when I cannot pen down a few things that are going on in my mind.
  Amit-What is your future plan? Are you coming along with novel?
Brinda- Nothing much to say about Future plans, well I already told that I am preparing to write my first novel and working on its plot.
  Amit-Tell us something about that book?
Brinda– The book is about romance with lots of humor, friendship, life lessons, caste systems, heartbreaks, and so many things that can happen in a normal person’s life. Right now, that is all I would like to say about my first book.
 Amit-Your previous writing shared with Milan Modi, tell us something about him. How you both get concern on writing at same story?
Brinda- (smiling) Milan is the best co-author and best friend one can ever get. He is very patient and kind as far as the topic is handling my mood swings. Though we argue a lot on things other than writing, I would say he is the best. We both thought of writing the same story when I was done with my first story for “A night in paradise” and we both thought to write a story together. The idea of writing together came to my mind and it was fun so we wrote 3 more stories together. 

Thank you so much Brinda, We wish you a grand success in your life as a writer, photographer, volleyball player and student as well. Keep rocking!


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