Title of the Book: The Man Who Became Khali

Author: Vinit k. Bansal and Dalip Singh Rana

Publisher: Penguin Random House India


Seldom can there be someone in this country who doesn’t know this man. His formative years were nothing if not full of turbulence. From leaving his school to working as a daily-wage laborer, Dalip Singh Rana had done it all at a very young age. He was often the subject of ridicule and was poked fun at due to his extraordinary size. However, a determined Dalip relentlessly pursued his goal of wrestling and such was his passion that he did what no Indian had done so far enter the internationally acclaimed WWE arena! The Man Who Became Khali is an inspirational, emotional and a no-holds-barred account of a man who not only went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship but also conquered his inner demons and physical anomalies. This is the story of how Dalip Singh Rana became the international icon – The Great Khali! 

                                        Information and Facts

It’s said that a knowledgeable person is not necessarily one who has a lot of college degrees or specialized knowledge, but one who is both ‘’spiritually and psychologically strong’’. Literacy isn’t all about your fluent English, it may be a bit intricate to understand for us. This man is a perfect example. Somebody who knew what the ”sixth sense” was all about, somebody who knew what having been ‘’spiritually and psychologically strong’’ means. 
                                                            Both the authors have perfectly described the life of this great Indian genius, and in a way that touches the heart. While reading it you feel Khali. You feel as if Khali himself is having a talk with you.
Rating 4.5/5

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