I Stand For You By Kastro Kiran

Book Reviewer: Deepak Bhurani

ABOUT WRITER : Debut book writer Kastro Kiran is from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. He did M.Tech in Structural and Construction Engineering. He started to write from very little age. Currently he is living in Coimbatore, Tamilanadu.
ABOUT PLOT: This novel is a romantic thriller one with some patriotism touch. Rahul and Kreeti are the main character of this novel. They are totally different from each other but still they love each other. Kreeti lives for others while Rahul lives for himself. One day while Kreeti was helping some slum girls, she got murdered by a poltician name Jayant Das. Rahul wants to get her justice then some Rallies, protests start and with a good note this novel ends.
Why to read?

1 -> The language is simple.
2 -> Clean narration, no loopholes.
3 -> Perfect mixture of romance, womanhood and patriotism.
Why not to read?
1 -> You will feel that this book is lengthy if you compare this with the plot of this novel.
2 -> Kastro Kiran narrated some scenes in filmy touch, specially the last part of court scene.
Remarks: Kastro Kiran did a decent work in his first novel. According to my opinion, this is a one time readable novel.
My Rating to Book: 4****
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Reviewer: Deepak Bhurani