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               LEEPI AGRAWAL is an “Ahmadavadi Chokri” filled with zest and always strives to mark her work with perfection. She is GOLD medalist for her academic excellence at Mater level in Computer Applications. She has also won the Tech. Fest at state level, and as writing is her hobby she also loves to roam in the “streets” so that she can explore more about her birthplace in her writing. Times of India gave a wing to her writings by publishing her works in newspaper.

            She is very much obsessed with writing, wires and machines that now her obsession has turned into her passion.

AMIT- HI LEEPI, First of all many many happy returns of the day.

LEEPI- How will you define yourself?

LEEPI– Well, my name Leepi defines myself. Leepi means script which is what I am. Being a writer I am a great observer too, I observe the things very carefully which helps me a lot to pen down stories of all genres. I consider myself as a healer, because I can make people to speak out their heart and share their problems with me.
AMIT- Being a Graduate in Computer Applications, how did you develop your interest in literary world?

LEEPI- For me Literature was something I was more passionate about. But then on the other end, computers too were my interest. I started writing poems when I was in 11th and to the god’s grace my poems were published by Times of India. So being into computers I decided that I can be the part of literature world. I don’t think to be the part of this field one should have a good degree into literature.

AMIT- ‘Writing’ what is importance of this word in your life?

LEEPI– Well for me Writing means PEACE. After doing the job of 10 hours, I really get tired, but when it comes to pen down a poem, after this hectic schedule I feel like heaven. Writings refresh me, it’s the time when I float into my world of imagination.

AMIT- Okay moving on, how does it feel being an author?

LEEPI- Hahha, that’s a funny yet an interesting question. Umm, let me ask you how you feel being an author, of course it is not possible to define that joy into words. Same is with me.
Recently when my college was having placements, the HR from the companies ask me, okay leepi tell us something about yourself, and my very first sentence is, I am an author… Just this four words and they cut me down, wait , can you please repeat, did we heard the same what you spoke.
I am like, yeah did I made a joke?

No one to the very first stroke believe, but then when I start narrating myself into the world of literature, the honor and respect I see for myself is indescribable. So probably this word AUTHOR makes me feel more proud of myself.

So tell me, why do you think that readers should prefer to read you instead of others?
Well, I won’t ask people to read my stories or book, because they have their own mindset for their favorite authors. But yes, I assure if people would give a chance to my reading they will love my style of writing. I always work on quality writing rather than quantity writing. My writing style always includes some sort of diaries, letters and poems so that I can keep on shifting in the same story keeping my readers intact. Also I believe that keeping the writings simple is the best way to connect your readers, if high vocabularies are used they will not understand the story also they will lose their interest. So I try keeping my writings as simple as possible.
AMIT- What is most striking feature of your story?

LEEPI- Striking feature of my story is obviously Rishi, the cute superhero. But yes, apart from that the tales of Roshni is the essence of this whole book. If this character would have not been the part of this story I don’t think HDM3 would have a beautiful journey.
AMIT- Tell us something about your previous writing journey?

LEEPI- Previously it was few years back when I penned down the book name “College- the world of love and crushes” which was published by one of my city’s local publisher, but that didn’t work well. I lost all the hopes from writing industry, but then after year or two, I gave a try to get my short stories published and that was published by Author’s Ink India, and to the god’s grace I good a very good response from the readers through mails and fb messages, that they loved my story from the anthology called “Crush-An Incomplete Heartbeat”, and that moment I decided that now to look back, let the failure come in, and I will face it. After this I got into Strings of Love, Mighty Thoughts, Winged Hearts and most importantly one of the poem is been accepted on an international platform, duet poem Anthology, The poetic symphonies with Ashish Sharma.

AMIT- What was hardest part of writing your book?

LEEPI- If I specifically talk about HDM3, then portraying about Roshni was most challenging for me, because I have to write her life in form of a diary, it took me almost a month to categorize her life into a model, into a social worker, as a mother, as a friend who hide her love for Puneet, then yes most importantly Roshni as a WOMAN, rather being a girl, so it was quite challenging.
AMIT-What is your favorite genre in writing as well as reading?

LEEPI- Firstly I don’t limit myself to any particular genre. If writing is your passion, then you can write on all types of genre. Still if you want to know what I am comfortable at, then, I do love to pen down nature, any genre related to nature and social issues, I love to write. I am a social worker, so my aim is to always create awareness among youth through the quill.
And if id talk about reading, To be very frank I am not an avid reader, I hate reading, till date I have read only two books, that is the Crumpled Voice and The Journey to Remember, and few short stories The Rosemary Letters and the Burnt letters, and few more that’s it. Also people do ask that you should have a good command over the language and you must have a good vocabulary, but I think it’s not necessary because people understand simple English, we write to convey our message so keeping the language simple is the best mode to connect to maximum readers.
AMIT- Would you like to share anything that has been left by me?
LEEPI- Yes, you didn’t ask how did the plan of co-authoring this book came up. 😛
Actually, I never dreamt about HDM3, it was when summer vacations were going , I was spending time on facebook, suddenly a message popped up, and it was Sandeep Sharma, and heights was he said he could not find anyone online, and he was getting bored, so he thought to message me. I was like oh my god this guy is a fool or what no hi how are you, directly he is putting up the reason for chatting with me. I ignored and did replied him, I knew him before as we shared the same platform in one of the anthology. He asked what do I write and what are my plans about writing my own book. He was already done with the few chapters of HDM3, he told me the plot, but I didn’t felt it would work out, so I told him some concepts which can be carried out in the same plot and this is how we started the book together. He was good in place where he has to work with Puneet and Rishi, rest I portray the character of bold and beautiful Roshni.
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