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6 ways to heal a broken heart

                                                                                             by Ayush sinha and Priyanka Sinha

It’s a rough guess that sixty – five percent of men and women in this world find themselves unhappy with their relationships and start thinking of going through some improper channels. Quite a few of them take some erroneous steps too. Read between the lines. Here are some astounding and miraculous secrets we are going to bring before you. Just read between the lines.

1.     Remember the thing you like most except your ex:  Yes believe us; it’s going to be a master contrive. Do you know?  A human mind has a habit of getting magnetized and start attracting the situation we think about. It’s similar to say that if you keep thinking of some bad situation and allow negative thoughts to enter your mind then it is as sure to bring pains as it is to bring some of the best moments of your life when you will think about good.  You just will have to stop thinking of that painful past and start enjoying your present. We must tell you to embrace your present and the people who are around you too. Just forget the one who gave you that pain.

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2.    Start loving those who care for you: Just forget everything and remember those beautiful souls who were always with you and were standing by you sometime. Yes, they were always with you, although you may not have felt. This is the right time to embrace them and to say that you were always thankful to each of them. And let your soul get connected with them. You should start sharing your problems with them because they aren’t only some fair weather friends but much more than them. They are the ones who care for you. 
3.    Listen to nature: How beautiful this whole world is. How beautiful its wonders are. Come on! What are you waiting for? You have got a beautiful gift on the part of God. What do you need now? Let your soul get connected with this and embrace it. Free yourself to feel its beauty. Do have some talks to the birds flying in the firmament, flowers smiling in the garden and the sun rising by and by. How beautiful these whole creations are. Sometimes I really wonder. How rich we are on this earth.
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4.    Start loving yourself: Believe us that nothing in this world is more important than you. Have you heard it somewhere – ‘’ A single piece of steel can lift about twelve times its own weight, and if you demagnetize this same piece of steel, it won’t even lift a feather.’’ The very same thing acts on our personality too. Try to have some winning spirits and then get ready to feel the magic.
5.    Decree method: Ask yourself, do you really want to forget your ex? If yes, then why have you been thinking of her for that long? Forget everything about your ex and start thinking of those moments that were really painful for you when you were with your ex. And start affirming that you are really forgetting the person by and by. Your ex is going out of your heart. But yes, it needs something, and it’s your faith. Desire backed by faith always gives results. Forgetting your ex is your desire and you need a faith to transmute it into its physical equivalence. Decree method is all about repeating a thing you want. Repeat it twice or thrice in a day and see the results.
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6.    Forgive to forget: Our mind is very tricky and it always keeps playing some games with us. Can you retrace that path again? No, never, you certainly can’t. Then why are so regretful? Let us tell you why you are. It’s just because you haven’t forgotten that person and your ex is still dwelling in you mind. You just will have to forgive that person if you want to forget. Believe that you are now much happier than ever in your life and now you have every freedom to live your life in the way you wanted to live. And you should always stay optimistic because some of the best days of your life happened yet. Go, have some of the beautiful dreams, and give it a chance to happen.
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The whole team of fragrance of writing wish the best for you!